Gold Plated Jewellery

Our gold plated jewllery is 14-18K over 925 sterling sliver unless it stated otherwise. It is generally up to 0.1 micron with the majority of our pieces being e-coated which helps plating last. Gold plated jewellery do not recommend wear in water.

E-coating, also known as electrode position coating, is a method of painting that uses electrical current to deposit paint on a surface. The process works according to the principle that “opposites attract." 

Gold Filled Jewellery

Our most gold filled jewellery, which contains up to 3 microns of gold layer. However, we have gold filled jewellery made from the US that is contain 5 microns of gold layer (Its stated on the product description). Gold filled is extremely durable and a great alternative to solid gold jewellery. It is safe to wear it in shower but we do recommend you remove it in chlorinated/salt water and do not apply shower gel or lotions directly onto the piece. 

Please note** The Golden Thing does not guarantee that our jewellery will not cause allergies due to metal components. If you are having allergic reaction due to a specific metal, please remove them immediately and consult with your doctor. The Golden Thing will not be held accountable for any allergic reactions experienced and will not offer refunds or exchange.

Please go see JEWELLERY CARE on how to ensure their luster and longevity.