Message from the Founder

" I've always struggled to find jewellery that suit myself, I have a very sensitive skin and have severe allergic reaction with certain metals. Often, they are expensive and not made to last. I wanted something classic that I can wear everyday, go with every outfits and of course, with an affordable price. 

Golden Thing has a great impact on me, it is the best of its kind, everything looks precious and real. I wanted to create a brand that can speak for itself, feel the love and my passion along with others." 

- Talia Lam, Founder

The Brand - The Golden Thing

The Golden Thing is a female owned and founded late in 2020 in Sydney, Australia. We offer a range of 14-24K gold plated/filled classic jewellery/accessories & lovingly hand-poured vegan candles for everyone's home. All pieces are ethically and responsibly sourced from Australia, Europe and Asia. We are here with a mission, we provide customers around the world with the best quality and affordable jewellery that they can cherish for a lifetime.

Sustainability Packaging 

Every little thing we do to help reducing our carbon footprints and waste, which also has a great effect on the environment. Therefore, we use 100% compostable and eco-friendly packaging for each of your orders.