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Whether you are a micro blogger/ influencers WELCOME! 

Due to COVID-19/Lockdown (during this difficult situation), we are unable to give away free products to every requests. However, we offer a generous discount for collaboration, which ensure mutual benefit for both parties. We will provide you a specific link/code that can be used against any of our items and for your followers. We will pay you 10% commission on each sales after the 30 days return period.

We value your content and long term relationship with you, we ensure your are properly compensated for your effort. To further this relationship with us we will need from you:

  • Tell us a little about yourself 
  • Your current number of followers
  • Your follower growth over the last year
  • References from previous collaboration 
  • Attach your link to your Instagram profile 

Benefit woking with us:

  • Exclusive discount 
  • Long term relationship 
  • Compensation for your effort 

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